Quick hits on the Apple iPad – in bite-sized morsels, even!

Much has been said already, so here are a few non-obvious things from yesterday’s Apple iPad announcement.
Underappreciated and revolutionary:
  • OS/Appkit APIs, Controls and Design guidance on building touch Apps – even ones as complex as iWork. (eg: reimagined iTunes volume slider, manipulation of the pie chart)
  • Related to that, reducing the number of on-screen toolbar/menu controls even further (compared to the Mac version of an app, say iWork)
  • Retiring the mouse as an input device, even as an option. Firmly embracing touch as a primary input mechanism.
  • Transitioning the keyboard from a primary input device to an accessory.
  • Treating 3G as an option, a different approach than any other device in the market (including theiPhone or iPod Touch).
  • Making the file system disappear – embracing the app-centric iPhone model, versus the Finder-centric mac.
  • Transitioning even core apps like iWork to the cloud, in terms of pricing, delivery, and presumably file storage.
  • Related to that, rethinking the bundling strategy (iWork) and focussing on individual apps.
  • Acknowledging it’s not sufficient to control the hardware packaging – core components like the CPU/GPU need to be owned too.
Unnoticed but remarkable:
  • Jonathan Ive now wants to be called Jony Ive
  • Reinterpretation of TV viewing – TV feeds as underlays (viz MLB) vs internet as overlay (viz Yahoo! Widgets)
  • New Keynote transitions! The ‘force land’, ‘letters falling off’ and ‘shatter’ effects seem new!

– Amit


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