Microsoft is missing the memo on Browser-based Office (hint: it’s about collaboration)

It’s not about having the Office suite running in the browser. Or it being HTML5 compliant. Or it working cross-browser.

It’s really all about seamless collaboration with others. If all the collaboration tools Microsoft put into its Office suite 10 years ago had worked well, browser-based or not, Google wouldn’t have been able to eat their lunch.

Sadly, having talked to people on the Microsoft Office team, it doesn’t seem like they are treating collaboration as anything more than a checkbox feature.

At Lexity, at any given time, there are at least 2 or 3 documents with 5 or 6 different Lexiteers editing at the same time. We can’t do this with Zoho, we can’t do this with Microsoft, and we’re not going anywhere where we can’t all work together.

Google, you got our number!



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