Pet peeve: partially linked words in blog posts – here’s why they happen

Here’s a strange phenomenon. Across countless blogs, you’ll find hyperlinks on partial words. Here’s an example – notice how the hyperlink starts after the character ‘p’ in the word ‘press’:

This is not uncommon, I’ve seen it quite a few times on many blogs. Why does it happen?

It turns out to be a bug in certain versions of WYSIWYG editors, where double-click-and-extend-selection doesn’t work quite as expected. Most bloggers will notice and fix this (and curse the editor in the process), but often they miss it – presumably when they’re in a hurry.

We need a name for this – I’m partial to ‘partial links’. Have you seen these before? Post a comment if you spot one!



4 thoughts on “Pet peeve: partially linked words in blog posts – here’s why they happen

  1. Amit
    Ironic that you should write this post today. Just this morning I was discussing with my facebook friends about how facebook automatically links the full name of your friend when we address them in comments while in reality we never refer to someone with their full name in active voice. As a hack, I have been editing the auto-completed name to remove last name and one of such hurried changes led someone called Deepa Krishnan being referred to as DeepaK. 🙂

    As for the specific issue you are pointing out where the WYSIWIG editor skipping alphabets has happened to me a lot. Just like Rohit and as you alluded, I felt it was a sloppy select-and-highlight on my part and fixed it when I found the error.

  2. I always thought I did not select the text properly … my hand slipped and that’s why I am ending up with a discontinuous link. Not sure if that bug can be reproduced consistently.

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