iPad + Bluetooth Keyword = Best computing rig for Economy Class

I’m on a flight to India, typing this on my iPad, using an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard in my lap. The iPad is mounted on top of the seat in front of me – putting the iPad right at eye level.

iPad + Bluetooth Keyboard = Bliss

Ergonomically, this is a hard setup to beat. ‘Lap height’ is usually the best height for keyboards, and eye-level when sitting upright is best for viewing screens. With this setup, I’m not balancing laptops on clumsy trays, and I’m not bending my neck way down to read small text on a laptop for 10 hour stretches.

As a bonus, I don’t have to constantly worry and adjust laptop angles when the dude in front leans back.

The incredibly long-lasting iPad battery helps a lot, as do the nice Shure in-ear headphones. Perfect companions to really long flights like this one!

Of course, this is also a great setup to watch movies on the iPad, play games, etc – maybe I’ll do that next time.



6 thoughts on “iPad + Bluetooth Keyword = Best computing rig for Economy Class

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