Yet another post on the ‘mobilization’ of India

Did you know – you can’t even get on the WiFi network at the Mumbai airport if you don’t have a mobile phone that works internationally?

Apparently, it’s inconceivable to Indians nowadays that you’d get off the plane without a functioning, internationally roaming mobile phone. What, are you crazy??

India is well on its way to becoming mobile-first for everything. In fact, the Indian government issued a memo that the age of ‘e-governance’ is passe – get prepared for ‘m-governance’!

I saw this in action firsthand. A high ranking official in Mumbai was seen SMSing with his counterpart in a nearby state, coordinating flood relief operations, possibly flouting a rule or two and debating finer points of public policy in 160 chars or less.

All this while sipping some tea and biting into some samosas.

This is the new mobilized India, folks!



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