Orchestra – great todo app (plus a feature request)

I’ve been enjoying using the Orchestra web and iPhone app experience quite a lot. Sharing and collaborating on to-do lists is a breeze – and the price can’t be beat!

A couple of features would make it beyond awesome. First, the ability to add more than one item to a list – with just one email. They currently support adding items by email – but only one at a time.

Second, and this one is complicated, I’d like to be able to use the earphone remote on the iPhone to add new items.

You see, the Voice Notes app on the iPhone allows you to control it with the earphone remote – click to start taking a note, click again to stop. This makes it super easy to take notes when, say, you are driving.

Imagine you could do the same with Orchestra. It already supports adding todos by voice – they’d just have to trigger this functionality when the earphone buttons are pressed.

Simple and useful!



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