You are stuck with the profile pic you picked in 2007

It’s true. In the early days of the Internet, you were know by your handle, thankfully those days are past. For the better, or perhaps worse, you are identified by your profile pic now – and dare you change it!

Quick, do you recognize these people?

Of course you do.

A profile pic that’s instantly recognizable is so important, that people are wary of changing it, much as they might hate it.

Here’s an interesting example. Dharmesh Shah recently updated his old, pixellated avatar – but chose to keep the exact same pose and expression in the new one, to avoid resetting the instant recognizability. Smart!



1 thought on “You are stuck with the profile pic you picked in 2007

  1. How about social networks allow you to select a bunch of profile pics and cycle through them at least once during the day? That way people (possibly) get used to more than one profile pic of yours … one could also use ifttt for this.
    yeah it is difficult to recognize people when they change their profile pic suddenly after a few months hiatus.

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